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About Michael Moeller

Coming from a family that wasn't necessarily musical, Michael Moeller found music to be the thing that was his own. It was the thing that came easy enough to him that gave him the confidence to keep pushing through the tougher times. It was the tougher times that gave him the confidence to write down words on a page to escape, to cope, and to document the life happening around him. From sorting through the vinyl collection in the stereo cabinet, scanning the tuner dial on road trips, and being the low sibling on the totem pole being force-fed the top pop tunes in the back seat. 

Through that musical education, Michael absorbed the different personas of each of these professors and through the exploration of his own path of playing music and performing he has found what is comfortable mixing the storyteller with the entertainer. The story comes first for Michael, because the story is what makes the song.

Long haired man in cowboy hat leaning against window sill looking out of window.
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